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BSLI/BSLO2825 Series Slim Line Double Action Ankle Joint Units

The units detailed below are shipped complete with bushing, screw, ball bearings, springs, and hex set screws.
When ordering please specify if you desire pins instead of springs. All "A" size joints have a 3/8" bushing hole.
All "C" size joints have a 5/16" bushing hole. (Note: "A" size joints are used with A & B size stirrups.)

Select Inside or Outside Recess from drop-down menu to indicate where you would like uprights to attach.

Slim Line Modular Ankle Joints are also available in Titanium. These joints provide the lightest double action joint from Becker. These Titanium joints provide approximately a 39% weight reduction over stainless steel.

Adult Outside Recess

Child Outside Recess

Adult Inside Recess

Child Inside Recess

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