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Titanium Modular Components

Manufactured from forged Titanium and machined to exacting specifications.

  • Weight Limit: 300 Lbs.
  • Tested to ISO 10328
  • 2 Year Warranty
SKU Description Weight
KTI-1212T Tube Clamp 79g
KTI-1222T Offset Tube Clamp 30mm 98g
KTI-1213T 10 Degree Tube Clamp 68g
KTI-1211T Pylon Tube 17 inch 287g
KTI-1217T 4-Hole Pyramid w/Hole 46g
KTI-1227T 4-Hole Pyramid 55.5g
KTI-1218T 4-Hole Pyramid Receiver 62g
KTI-1220T BK Pyramid Connector 55g
KTI-1230T BK Pyramid Connector w/Hole 60.5g
KTI-1231T SACH Foot Adapter 94g
KTI-1214T 4-Hole Rotating Base 47g
KTI-1215T Rotating Pyramid (for 1214T) 46g
KTI-1216T Rotating Pyramid Receiver (for 1214T 39g

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