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Alto Knee Wrap with Range of Motion Hinges

Alto™ Knee Orthoses Wrap-around style Model K-907
U.S. Orthotics Alto™ Knee Orthoses provide excellent control and support for ligament injuries and
instabilities. An ideal brace for post MCL and ACL instabilities.
Our adjustable R.O.M. design features polycentric adjustable hinges for
convenient dial-in adjustment of flexion /extension control.
Stops at 0° - 15° - 30° - 60° -90° to Full ROM.
Model K-907 is an anterior open wrap-around style for patients who can not
pull on a traditional pull up support.
PDAC Verified L1832
  • 17” length with easy pull up & pull off loops.
  • 4 Velcro circumference straps with elastic compression section.
  • Flexion / Extension control side hinges.
  • Horizontal latch-top cap cover design ensures there is no inadvertent displacement of hinge pins.
  • Anterior opening wrap-around style.
Adjustable polycentric hinge joint allows.
Stops at 0 – 15 – 30 – 60 - 90 degree positions – FULL ROM.
Dial in adjustment with Flexion / Extension pins

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