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Silicones for Custom Prosthetic Liners and Partial Feet

Effective May 2019, Renew Silicones will be branded with the parent company names Dragon Skin, Body Double and Ecoflex

Premium platinum catalyzed silicone rubber with extremely high tear strength properties (102pli Die B) amd Tensile Strength (475psi) with negligible shrinkage
Static mix and dispense tubes (400ml) for ease of use. Adhesive in 150ml Tube

  • Prosthetic Liners (10 and 20)
  • End Pads (00 and 5)
  • Partial Foot Prostheses (20)
  • Repair of Liners (Adhesive)
Shore A Color Pot Life Demold time Mix Ratio
20 Translucent 45 Min 4 Hours 1:1
10 Translucent 8 Min 75 Min 1:1
5 Translucent 1 Min 5 Min 1:1
0030 Translucent 45 Min 4 Hours 1:1

Tech Tip: To reuse the Static mix nozzle, remove nozzle from cartridges, and with needle nose pliers, remove the insert from the nozzle. When the silicone on the nozzle and insert has cured, peel the silicone off and replace the insert.

Liner and Partial Foot Fabrication Manuals available on request, Call Customer Service at 949-645-4401 or send email to info@kingsleymfg.com

For Central Fabrication of Custom Silicone Lines and Partial Feet, contact Wayne at Custom Silicone Fabrication 415-861-0653

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