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Silicone Replicator

    Product Features:
  • Skin Safe & Easy-to-Use 2-part Silicone Rubber
  • Ultra-High Resolution Impressions of the Face, Hands, Feet, Residual Limbs or other Body Parts.
  • Fast Cure time at Room Temperature with No Shrinkage.
  • Reproduce Perfect Detail.
  • Silicone Replicator will last for Many Castings.
  • Silicone Replicator is Non-Toxic & Odorless.
  • Cured Rubber has Excellent Tear Strength.
  • Completely Safe for Skin Contact.
  • Body-part Impressions
  • Residual Impressions
  • Donor Impressions

Renew Silicone Replicator is a long lasting silicone rubber that can be applied directly to the skin to make ultra-high resolution impressions (called Lifecasting) of the face, hands, feet or other body parts. The rubber cures quickly and will reproduce perfect detail from any original model - far better detail than any alginate! Renew Silicone Replicator is non-toxic and odorless. Unlike alginates, which are good for one only casting, Renew Silicone Replicator will last for many castings of almost any material including urethane and silicone rubber, plaster, wax, and resins. And the amount of Renew Silicone Replicator used per mold is less than most alginates, so the cost per mold is about the same.

Dispensing: Renew Silicone Replicator is available in Cartridges (400 ml). To use the cartridge tube set (A+B), you must remove clear cap from cartridge end and twist / break-off end-cap. Screw-on static mixing tube and place cartridge in dispensing gun. (Cartridge dispensing guns are available from Renew Advanced Materials distributors). Do not squeeze trigger until you are ready to apply rubber. After squeezing trigger, Parts A & B will quickly be mixed through the static mixing tube and dispensed through the tip in a uniform color.

  • Working Time: 90 Seconds
  • Demold Time: 6 Minutes
  • Available only in Cartridge Sets (400 ml)

Renew Silicone Replicator will not stick to skin, however it will "mechanically lock" onto skin hair including facial hair, eye brows, eye lashes etc. Renew Silicone Replicator Release Cream will minimize mechanical lock. Also, you can shave the intended molding area prior to applying Silicone Replicator. Renew Silicone Replicator Release Cream is a non-toxic skin conditioner that will aid in releasing Renew Silicone Replicator rubber from skin surfaces with or without hair. It washes off with soap and water. It is highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way. To use, wash intended body section with soap and water and dry thoroughly. Liberally apply Renew Silicone Replicator Release Cream to all skin surfaces (bare and hair covered) that will contact mold rubber. Take Special Care to aggressively massage and work the cream into and over body hair. Body hair not thoroughly coated with release cream will become encapsulated and stuck in rubber which can be difficult & painful to remove.

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