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Kingsley Feet

L-Codes for our complete line of Kingsley Feet
L-5971 SACH (Repair code only)
L-5972 STEN Flexible Keel Dynamic
L-5976 Steplite and ES220 Dynamic Foot
L-5970 Beachcomber Exposed Keel

KINGSLEY SPECIAL PART NUMBERS: (Add as a second part number along with any SACH foot being ordered)
Sturdy Toe Reinforcement: Add K20STURDY - (Increases weight limit)(Call Customer Service for feet up to 375Lbs.)
Special Pigments: Add K20-4A For 4A Medium Brown
Add K20-7A For 7A Dark Brown

Foot Bolt Torque Specifications:
Foot Size 10cm - 18cm - 15 Foot Lbs. - 177 Inch Lbs. - 20Nm

Foot Sizes 19cm - 33cm 22 Foot Lbs. - 265 Inch Lbs. - 30Nm



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