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Steplite Dynamic Response K3 L-5976 (ALL)

  • Dynamic Response SACH Foot (Level 3 - L5976)

  • Use same alignment

  • Flexible Carbon Fiber Keel

  • Smooth Walking

  • Lightweight

Designed specifically for the moderately active amputee desiring maximum comfort while walking. The keel design of the Steplite foot offers extremely smooth rollover characteristics, as the composite spring plate fabricated in the low to mid flexion resistance range, gives a forward moment during the transition from midstance through toe-off. Exactly what most amputees desire during a relaxing, comfortable walk.

The Steplite is Available in three styles, the KC01 Low Profile 3/4", KC08 Strider 1/4" and KC051 Flattie 3/8" as well as in the Litefoot of each of these styles. The exterior dimensions are identical to the Kingsley SACH. The keel placement allows for clearances of approximately 1 1/4", thus the Steplite is also ideal for Symes patients.

Prescription Criteria
We have placed no weight limitations on the Steplite, however the very active or heavy patient (Above 250lb.) will probably desire a more aggressive foot.


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