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Adaptskin - Skin Moisturizer

Adaptskin blends clinically proven moisturizers and skin healing agents in a unique, non-water based formula that is effecitve and safe for all skin types. It is hypoalleergenic, all natural and contains no preservatives.

  • Odorless
  • Adaptskin 50 - Medium viscosity for more general applications and daily use
  • Adaptskin 90 - Thicker, more concentrated formula for areas of concentrated skin damage, irritation or areas of high-abrasion stress
  • Long-lasting emollients hydrate the skin to maintain flexibility and softness
  • Assists in formation of proper wound-healing environment
  • Excellent compatibility with mineral-oil based gels, urethanes and silicone liners
  • Will not stain clothing or prosthetic components
  • 3.75oz. container

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