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"Liner-Liner" Prosthetic Sock

Suspension Liner/Skin Interface
A new prosthetic sock designed to be worn under a suspension liner next to the skin.

  • Relieves skin shear irritations and improves comfort with liners
  • Tested and proven beneficial for amputees who wear liners as the primary interface
  • Ultra-Thin material minimizes compromise to liner suction grip on skin
  • X-Static Silver fibers fight bacteria and odor while transporting heat and moisture away from the limb
  • Washable interface keeps liner cleaner and helps control skin irritations
  • High stretch for excellent fitting qualities, less sizes required to fit most wearers
  • Less than One-Ply Thickness
  • 5.8% Lycra Spandex, 94.2% Polyester/X-Static (5%)
Product Code Description Sock Sizes Length
1S-XLNA-XS Narrow X-Short B,0 8" - 12" (20.5-30.5cm)
1S-XLNA-SH Narrow Short B, 0 10" - 14" (25.5-35.5cm)
1S-XLRG-XS Regular X-Short 1 and 2 8" - 12" (20.5-30.5cm)
1S-XLRG-SH Regular Short 1 and 2 10" - 14" (25.5-35.5cm)
1S-XLWD-SH Wide Short 3 10" - 14" (25.5-35.5cm)
1S-XLWD-MD Wide Medium 3 16" - 20" (40.5-50.5cm)

Care Instructions:
Wear Clean Socks Each Day
Pre-Spot in Cool Water
Machine Wash and Dry
All Purpose Detergent, No Bleach
Rinse Thoroughly

Note to Prosthetist: Due to the shear sock material, liner suspension should not be affected, however, suspension should be examined and verified for each wearer. Advise and select candidates accordingly.

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