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Elbows, Hinges and Connectors

Hosmer mechanical elbows have long been the benchmark standard in prosthetics for rugged durability and simplicity in design. Easy to install and adjust, this efficient design continues to be a mainstay to the transhumeral prosthesis.
Hosmer also offers a diverse number of choices to address your upper extremity client's individual needs. Multiple sizes in both mechanical and passive designs to cover the spectrum from child to adult. Heavy-Duty elbows are available with fewer locking positions or with stainless steel PowerBow gear sectors. Endoskeletal options, with reciprocating lock, manual button, or manual lever release, maximize the cosmesis and minimizes the weight. Passive friction elbows are also used for higher level prostheses and where extra harnessing is prohibitive. Different turntable options help maximize cosmesis and function by allowing the cable to exit internally or externally. the plastic elbow cap is also available in a caucasian or negroid color.
A spring lift assist is opten usedin conjunction with the Hosmer elbow to help offset the weight of the forearm and to increase efficiency. the nudge control has also been developed to offer an alternative lock when there is limited shoulder excursion available. The Hosmer mechanical elbows are frequently combined with an externally powered prehensor in a "hybridized" configuration.


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